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Spelning på Ekolivs med Michael Holt

På onsdag, 30 oktober, kl 19 kommer trubaduren Michael Holt från Toronto, Kanada, på besök till Ekolivs. Han är på storturné genom Nordamerika och Europa. Ekolivs blir Michaels enda Malmöspelning. Spelningen är gratis, men Michael blir glad för lite tips i hatten i slutet av spelningen.

Välkommen in till Ekolivs!

Så skriver han själv om vad han gör:

Toronto-based troubadour Michael Holt has toured North America and Europe twenty times and released eight albums of his music. He puts on a happy, sad, serious, and funny variety show using multiple instruments, costumes, and characters. He weaves Maurice Ravel, Bob Dylan, Prince, and Fela Kuti together with original classical pieces on the piano, Beatlesy pop songs on the guitar, and Fellini-esque lounge music on the organ. 
At the centre of it all is Holt’s deep commitment to sharing honestly from the heart and bringing people together through music. On his last several tours, he began searching for more meaningful ways to connect with audiences than what he found at bars and clubs. This led him to house concerts and other warm, intimate gatherings in non-commercial venues. He envisions a culture that treats music, food, celebration, community, and the planet as if they were sacred.
Sample some of his many styles here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhjLfTeiw6c&list=PL5D54885E00F119F9“Michael Holt writes an all-too-rare kind of music, in which sophistication is in the service of emotion. His personal, powerful songs are really smart, but you realize that only after you first experience them as intimate, direct, and deeply meaningful.”
David Garland, WNYC, America’s most-listened-to public radio station
“Michael’s Scriabin-influenced piano playing is so exciting, I can’t get enough of it.” 
Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy/Arcade Fire)
“Michael Holt is a diamond among too many rhinestones. He brings empathy, ingenuity and raw dignity to his lexicon of heartfelt songs.”
Bob Wiseman, Toronto songwriter
“It’s a powerful gift Holt is using, and he wields it well.” 
Sep 6 – BILLERICA MA – House Concert at Jude & Laurel’s
Sep 7 – LINCOLN MA – House Concert at Jon & Katherine’s
Sep 8 – BOSTON MA – Intimate Concert at Jamaica Plain Co-housing 
Sep 9 – PORTSMOUTH NH – The Red Door
Sep 10 – FALMOUTH ME – House Concert at Leslie’s
Sep 11 – BURLINGTON VT – House Concert With Sid Corren at Dean & Cindy’s
Sep 12 – HULL QC – House Concert with Kelsey McNulty at Katie’s
Sep 13 – NORTH HATLEY QC – House Concert at Peter’s
Sep 15 – MISSISSAUGA ON – House Concert at Pattie’s with Pattie, Shayda, and Cici
Sep 19 – TORONTO ON – House Concert at Cora’s
Sep 20 – TORONTO ON – Music and Inspiration Gathering with the Jeremiah Community
Sep 21 – TORONTO ON – House Concert with Tanya Philipovich at Tanya & Lucas’
Sep 22 – PETERBOROUGH ON – Intimate Concert and Conversation at the Purple Onion Festival
Sep 22 – ENNISMORE ON – (evening) – Transition Town House Concert at Jo Hayward-Haines’
Sep 23 – SOUTHFIELD MI – House Concert at Cheryl’s
Sep 24 – SOUTH HAVEN MI – House Concert with Andru Bemis
Sep 26 – MADISON WI – House Concert at Mathew’s 
Sep 27 – CHICAGO IL – House Concert at Sebastian’s
Sep 28 – BLOOMINGTON IN – House Concert at Sean’s
Sep 30 – SPRINGFIELD MO – House Concert at Phil & Grace’s
Oct 2 – PLANO TX – House Concert at Joel’s
Oct 3 – AUSTIN TX – House Concert at Dan’s
Oct 4 – AUSTIN TX – Birthday Concert at Sebastian’s
Oct 6 – ATHENS GA – House Concert with Michael Wegner at Michael and Alexa’s
Oct 8 – ASHEVILLE NC – Birthday Concert and Cathy’s
Oct 9 – EARTHAVEN ECOVILLAGE NC – House Concert at Arjuna’s
Oct 10 – MONROE NC – House Concert at Chuck’s
Oct 11 – RALEIGH NC – House Concert at Ricky’s
Oct 12 – WASHINGTON DC – House Concert at Ellyn & Bob’s – no entrance fee
Oct 13 – BALTIMORE MD – House Concert with The Jennifers (unplugged) at John’s
Oct 14 – PITTSBURGH PA – House Concert at Amy & Ian’s
Oct 17 – NYC – House Concert at Brookes’
Oct 18 – BROOKLYN NY – House Concert at Oren’s
Oct 19 – BROOKLYN NY – Caravan Music Series
Oct 20 – BROOKLYN NY – House Concert at Isaac & Jyllian’s
Oct 22 23 – STOCKHOLM SWEDEN – House Concert at Erik’s
Oct 26 – ESKILSTUNA SWEDEN – House Concert at Hirviland
Oct 27 – LEKSAND, SWEDEN – House Concert and conversation at Kevin Jarvis’ with Transition Leksand
Oct 29 РTRANAS SWEDEN РMusic and Inspiration Gathering with Transition Tran̴s
Oct 30 – MALMO SWEDEN – Intimate Concert at Ekolivs
Oct 31 – COPENHAGEN DENMARK – Intimate Concert at Ananda Marga Yoga Centre 
Nov 1 – LEIPZIG GERMANY – House Concert at Christine’s
Nov 2 – BERLIN GERMANY – Intimate Concert at Der Kanal
Nov 3 – BERLIN GERMANY – House Concert at Patrick & Janine’s
Nov 5 – WERTHER GERMANY – House Concert at Marcus & Johanna’s with Transition Werther
Nov 7 – HAMBURG GERMANY – House Concert at Mimi’s
Nov 8 – HAMBURG GERMANY – House Concert at Dagmar’s
Nov 9 – KIEL GERMANY – Intimate Concert at Waldhaus
Nov 10 – BORDESHOLM GERMANY – House Concert at Christine’s
Nov 12 – STRASBOURG FRANCE – House Concert at Janine’s
Nov 13 – REIMS FRANCE – House Concert at Jean-Pierre’s
Nov 14 – LILLE FRANCE – House Concert at Sylvia’s
Nov 15 – LILLE FRANCE – House Concert at Julien’s
Nov 16 – GENT BELGIUM – House Concert at Marieke’s
Nov 17 – GENT – Morning Aperitif Concert at Steven’s
Nov 18 – GENT BELGIUM – Sacred Music and Food Gathering at Ellen’s
Nov 21 – RUPELMONDE BELGIUM – House Concert at Evy’s
Nov 22 – LEUVEN BELGIUM – Birthday Concert at Koen’s
Nov 23 – BRUSSELS – House Concert at Ralph’s with Morichar en Transition
Nov 24 – GENK – House Concert at Roberto’s
Nov 26 – PLYMOUTH ENGLAND – House Concert at Clare’s
Nov 27 – RATTERY ENGLAND – House Concert and Jam with Steph Bradley
Nov 28 – OXFORD ENGLAND – Feature Performance at Catweazle Club
Nov 29 – OXFORD – House Concert TBA
Nov 30 – LUBENHAM, MARKET HARBOROUGH – House Concert at Judith and Vince’s with Transition Market Harborough
Dec 1 – LONDON ENGLAND – Intimate Concert at The Hill Station
Dec 9 – PROVINCETOWN MA – Featured Performance at The Mews Coffeehouse

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