About Ekolivs

Organic, local and democratic

Ekolivs is a small (yes, really small), non-profit grocery store in central Malmö, that opened up its doors back in 2006.
We run the shop together as a cooperative, democratically, through member meetings and committees, with the purpose to meet the group’s common interests in organic, fair and locally produced groceries, at a good price. We also want to be a space for local small scale producers and spread knowledge about and encourage a sustainable lifestyle.

The association offers two types of membership, active membership and supportive membership, both enabling discounts on all purchases. Besides keeping the shop open, the active members (volunteers) are organized in four teams

Purchase team – Makes the orders, has the contact with suppliers, first contact with new/potential suppliers
Economy team – Accounting, payments, cash management
PR team – Responsible for the website, socal media, marketing in general and event planning
Store team – Furnish the shop and responsible for keeping it tidy, also administer the routines for the shop

Apart from these teams, the associaltion also has a board that is responsible for the overall tasks and planning of member meetings

Curious to find out more? Maybe you’ve dreamt about having your own little shop, or want to support this initiative? Cool! Read more here about what it means to be a member.

Hope to see you soon 🙂