Supportive membership

We run a small cooperative eco-shop together – join us!

Ekolivs is based entirely on volunteer participation. The active members collectively keep the store open and manage the purchasing, finances and PR. We are always open to welcoming new members to our little organization, to share commitment, energy, knowledge and bringing new ideas. If you are full of commitment, but short on time, there is always the alternative to get a supportive membership.

What’s the difference between the two membership types?

Active members (volunteers):

  • Participation in the member meetings where we update each other and most decisions are made.
  • One vote on the annual meeting, where the more strategic and long-run issues are discussed.
  • 15% discount on all products, given the condition that you staff the shop twice a month and participate in one of the committees.

Supportive members get:

  • Invitations to attend our member meetings and other events.
  • One vote on the annual meeting, where the more strategic and long-run issues are discussed.
  • 5% discount on all purchases.

Follow these simple steps and you’re in the team!

Are you curious to know a little more about us first? Why don´t you drop by the shop for a little chat, or write us a message. Or maybe you have already made up your mind, then just follow the simple steps below.

1. Fill in this form

2. We will contact you to give you a little more detailed info on how we organize things, and you get the chance to ask questions and meet other members. And of course we will book your first introducing shifts in the shop.

3. Pay SEK 300 (200 as stake and 100 as annual member fee). The stake of 200 will on request be repaid if you decide to no longer be a member.
You can pay by bank transfer or Swish. Or by cash in the shop.
Bank account number, Swedbank: 8214-9,914 036 090-1
Swish 123 568 67 46
Please put your name and surname on the payment.

4. Hurrrraaaaaayyy!! 

Ekolivs volunteers in front of the store